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blind draw darts

What to expect at a match:

• Game time is 6:00pm

• All players must be 21 years of age

• Depending on the format, the team will play roughly 13-15 games.

• The price is also dependent on the format but roughly each player is looking at about $5-10 a week.

• Check out your stats online. Our website will reflect standings based on cash prizes. You do not need to attend every week.

What is a Blind Draw?

A blind draw is a tournament that is based on the luck of the draw! You sign up individually and pay an entry fee. Once sign-ups close, we randomly pair you with a partner. The two of you play as a team in the tournament. The brackets we run are double elimination and the format is decided on based on the amount of players. Like every tournament you have the chance to win prize money!

• Format: A blind draw darts tournament typically involves randomly pairing players together to form teams. Players do not know their partners until the tournament begins.

• Scoring: The standard scoring system for darts is used, where players aim to score points by throwing darts at a dartboard. Each section of the dartboard has a different point value, with the bullseye being the highest.

• Blind Draw: Players register individually for the tournament, and Rhythm and Brews organizers will randomly assign partners for each round. This adds an element of unpredictability and excitement to the tournament, as players must adapt to different teammates.

• Round Robin or Knockout: The tournament may be structured as a round-robin format, where teams compete against each other in a series of

matches, or a knockout format, where teams are eliminated after losing a match.

• Game Variations: Different game variations may be played during the tournament, such as 501, 301, or Cricket. These variations determine the starting score and the objective of the game.

• Teamwork: Effective communication and teamwork between partners are crucial for success in a blind draw darts tournament. Players must work together to strategize and support each other during matches.

• Fair Play: Participants are expected to adhere to the rules of the tournament and demonstrate good sportsmanship at all times. Unsportsmanlike behavior, such as distracting opponents or disputing scores, may result in penalties or disqualification.

• Prizes: Prizes may be awarded to the top-performing teams or individual players, depending on the tournament's rules and regulations.