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Sharables     8

Chips & Queso - Jalapenos, Side Salsa

Jumbo Soft Pretzel - Queso, Mustard

Chips, Mix & Dips - Potato chips, Chex Mix, dip

All tacos: corn salsa, diced tomato, chipotle ranch, cheese Chimichurri Tri Tip Tacos (2)

Tangy Chicken Tacos (2)

Veggie Tacos (2)


Sharable Nachos     12

All Star Nachos - Fully loaded with queso, cheese blend, smoked tri tip, grilled chicken, corn salsa, diced tomato, jalapeños, chipotle ranch and green onions and taco seasoning and side of salsa


'Share'-cuterie     15  / 25 Large

"Share"-Cuterie Sampler - Italian meats, cheeses, crackers, Spanish marcona almonds, seasonal fruits, olives, and chocolates


Nor Cal Flats     12

Cheesy flatbreads finished with ranch drizzle and green onions

Chicken Bacon Ranch - Chicken, bacon, ranch, red onions

Buffalo Chicken   - Chicken, bacon, red onions

Tri Tip – Tri tip, chimichurri sauce, corn salsa

Spicy Pepperoni - Pepperoni, Jalapeños

Vegetarian Flats     10

Italian - Diced tomato, Italian seasoning, balsamic glaze

Mexi-Veggie  - Black beans, sweet potato, corn salsa, tomato

hot dogs

Rockin' Dogs     8

Texas Dog – Cheese sauce, bacon bits, jalapeños, bba, green onions

New York Dog - Sauerkraut, deli mustard

Santa Fe Dog – Cheese sauce, corn salsa, diced tomatoes

Classic Dog – Ketchup, mustard, relish